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The Elevate Software Affiliate Program is a great way for customers to earn money by referring new sales on to Elevate Software, and is our way of showing our appreciation for such sales referrals by sharing a portion of the income brought in by these new sales.

You must be an existing Elevate Software customer in order to be eligible for the Elevate Software Affiliate Program.

We offer members of the Affiliate Program a 20% commission on each sale that they receive credit for. For example, if the customer orders the ElevateDB VCL Client Server with Source Code product for $729.00, 20% of that price ($145.80) will be paid to the affiliate that referred the sale to Elevate Software. The more sales referred, the more money earned.

Commissions are paid on new sales only - subscriptions, upgrades, and product migrations are not eligible for commissions.

As an affiliate, receiving credit for a sale is very simple. Each affiliate has their customers place their orders on our secure website. During the ordering process the customer will be asked for the affiliate number. The affiliate number is the same as an affiliate's customer number, and should be given to the customer by the affiliate prior to ordering. Once the order is processed, the affiliate will receive an email confirmation that will include the customer name, product ordered, and order amount, along with information about the commission amount due, and when it is scheduled to be paid.

Affiliates will be paid their commission within 37 days of the order date, provided that the order is paid in full and the customer did not return the product for a refund. We allow for a maximum of 7 additional days for processing (payments are processed once a week). All affiliate commission payments will be made via PayPal, and any commissions due to an affiliate will be transferred to the affiliate's PayPal account on the same day that the payment is processed. When an affiliate is paid, we will also send the affiliate an email that details the commissions due and paid. In addition, affiliates can view all relevant order and payment history any time that they are logged in to the web site, both through the Sales page and through their user profile.

How to Join
If you would like to become a member of the Elevate Software Affiliate Program, please contact our sales staff at sales@elevatesoft.com and they will be happy to get you signed up so that you can start earning money right away.