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Thread mORMot + Elevate Web Builder book, 2nd edition now available
Thu, Feb 2 2017 4:59 PMPermanent Link


Today I've published the 2nd edition of my mORMot / Elevate Web Builder book:
Enterprise Delphi Databases by Erick Engelke
There are significant changes from the first edition:

- formatting all done with Latex, looks like any normal book now, gets rid of
 production problems that plagued first edition, incl. fonts, tables, etc.
 A few testers have gone through the printed version and yesterday we
 fixed the two very small typing issues that remained.  Latex formats
 Pascal natively, so examples look good.

-new and expanded examples (including source + description) for introductory

- enhanced chapter on ORM/de-normalization

- a complete JavaScript/ECMAscript example will be in the downloads.

- new book section entirely devoted to Domain Driven Design (DDD),
 including concepts and practical example code, when to use DDD and not,
 and applying principles of DDD to object pascal

-numbered chapters, source code ordered by chapter #

- price - it's still $59 US at Amazon, but can be ordered at $49 US from
 https://www.createspace.com/6896195 if you use the discount code
 WHPS5D2R before March 2017.  I do not know how well the createspace
 store works, and will revisit the decision after people give me feedback.
 The createspace store is still operated by Amazon, and Amazon does the
 fulfillment, but they apparently charge less.    Let me know how you like it.

- kindle edition - There will be a kindle edition in a week or so, but I'm still
 adjusting the layout for that format, I want it to be as usable as possible.

- the sections on EWB are largely unchanged.

These were the main takeaways I saw in the Email and postings.

There were other suggestions, but these were the main ones, and I wanted to
get these changes out there before more people bought the 1st edition.

I am beginning work on an expanded 3rd edition for 2018 with a more leisurely
schedule.  As before, your comments, help and criticisms will be very influential
and I thank you in advance.

About 1st edition: I am planning on making more of the updated text available for
purchasers  of the first edition.  Or if you really want, I will pay for your copy of
the 2nd edition if you pay for shipping from Amazon - but you must contact me
first because I will buy it through the Author's channel at a discount rate.

Finally, if you have need of several copies, Email me and I can supply a 'bookstore' rate
through CreateSpace.

mORMot and EWB are excellent works, and I hope you will find this book a useful addition to them.