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Thread IPad Safari and LocalStorage
Mon, Jul 10 2017 3:46 PMPermanent Link

Big Al

Anyone seeing any issues with LocalStorage on an IPad?

I ended up using LocalStorage for my Cookie because I was too lame (eg dumb) to get TCookies to work properly for me, and localstorage works great on my desktop in FF and Chrome, and on my Android phone, but appears to not be working on my slightly older IPad.

Any thoughts?

Big Al
Mon, Jul 10 2017 3:50 PMPermanent Link

Big Al

I think I was mistaken. I believe it may be something with my webservice.

Let me look into it some more before anyone spends any thoughts on this.

Big Al
Mon, Jul 10 2017 4:03 PMPermanent Link

Big Al

Just ignore this post/thread in its entirety.
If it can be deleted, probably a good idea.

Big Al