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Thread EWB 2, couple of questions
Sun, Apr 19 2015 1:15 PMPermanent Link


First of all, awesome product compared to EWB 1.x that I have been using the last year.

Got a few questions.... As I understood by reading the pre-release information, dragging of windows around it's container is not yet activated. Would this be active in the final release?

Also, love the new grid component. In EWB1.xx I used to have the user double click on a row to open a detail window. I can see the grid have a OnDblClick event, but I cannot get it to fire. Anyone have some hints on how to get this working? Or is this still not implemented in the preview?

Also, cool new button combo box. One thing I experienced is that clicking the arrow the second time does not close the combo box. Example, a user click the combo box, or the arrow on the right side. Then he decide not to make a new selection. However, clicking the combo box or the arrow again does not close it again. Just checked on EWB 1.X and the combo box closes on the second click.

Last thing. In EWB1.x in some forms I used to catch keyboard event and handle them by the TForm by setting KeyPreview to True. I cant find that in EWB2 and I see no key preview for the form as well.  Any ideas how to catch and handle key clicks on the form level?

Thanks for any help


Eivind Brenne