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Elevate Web Builder includes a complete component library for use with both your visual and non-visual web applications. The component library is a separate design-time application that is automatically loaded and compiled by the IDE during startup. You can add and remove components from the library in the IDE, and those changes will persist for any subsequent IDE usage. You can also rebuild the component library at any time, which is useful for situations where an existing component or control is modified, and you wish to have those changes reflected immediately at design-time.

Information The component library is the foundation for all design-time visual designers: you cannot work with visual application projects and forms unless the component library has been successfully loaded and compiled.

The TComponent class is the base class for all components and contains all core functionality for component ownership and notification. It inherits from the TPersistent class, so any TComponent-descendant class can automatically load itself from a JSON input string.

The locations of the component library source units are automatically included in the compiler search path during the compilation of projects, but after the project's defined compiler search paths. Please see the Modifying Environment Options topic for more information on modifying the component library search paths used by the compiler.

The following source units make up the core of the runtime and component library:

Source UnitDescription
WebDOMThis source unit contains all external declarations for the web browser DOM (Document Object Model) classes, functions, procedures, and variables. You can use this unit to manipulate the browser DOM directly at run-time.
WebDesignThis source unit contains just a few class declarations for use with the design-time environment in the IDE.
WebCoreThis source unit contains core functions/procedures and classes. It does not contain any visual controls so it can be used in non-visual applications.
WebUIThis source unit contains the interface manager and all of the base UI functionality for both design-time and run-time.
WebCtrlsThis source unit contains the base controls and functionality.
WebFormsThis source unit contains the application, surface, and core form/dialog controls.
WebDataThis source unit contains the database and dataset components.
WebHTTPThis source unit contains the server request components.

In addition to these units, there are many other units that make up the rest of the component library. Please see the Component Reference section of this manual for detailed documentation about the units, classes, and types in the Elevate Web Builder component library.