Icon Standard Controls

The following are the visual controls in the standard component library included with Elevate Web Builder. They are grouped and ordered by the category in which they are installed and displayed on the component palette in the IDE.

The standard controls are those commonly used for the display and editing of data, and most of them are capable of being bound to a dataset. Please see the Binding Controls to DataSets topic for more information.

Image TLabelLabel control
Image THTMLLabelHTML label control
Image TBalloonLabelBalloon label control
Image TAlertLabelAlert label control
Image TButtonButton control
Image TDialogButtonDialog button control
Image TIconButtonIcon button control
Image TCheckBoxCheck box control
Image TRadioButtonRadio button control
Image TEditSingle-line edit control
Image TPasswordEditSingle-line password edit control
Image TMultiLineEditMulti-line edit control
Image TListBoxList box control
Image TCalendarCalendar control
Image TButtonComboBoxButton combo box control
Image TEditComboBoxEditable combo box control
Image TDateEditComboBoxEditable date combo box control
Image TDialogEditComboBoxEditable dialog combo box control
Image TFileComboBoxFile upload combo box control
Image TGridGrid control

Graphic controls are used for displaying images or providing a canvas for drawing/painting operations:

Image TImageImage control
Image TIconIcon control
Image TAnimatedIconAnimated icon control
Image TPaintPainting control with canvas
Image TSlideShowSlide-show control

Indicator controls show progress and other types of graphic information:

Image TProgressBarProgress bar control

Multimedia controls allow the playback of both audio and video:

Image TAudioAudio playback control
Image TVideoVideo playback control

Container controls are used to group together controls within a parent control:

Image THeaderPanelHeader panel control
Image TScrollPanelScrollable panel control
Image TBasicPanelBasic panel control
Image TGroupPanelGroup panel control with caption
Image TPanelPanel control with caption bar
Image TPagePanelPaged panel control
Image TSizerSizer control

Menu controls are used for displaying a list of focusable and selectable menu items:

Image TMenuMenu control
Image TMenuBarMenu bar control

Toolbar controls are groups of non-focusable buttons contained within a parent control:

Image TToolBarToolbar control
Image TDataSetToolBarDataset toolbar control

Browser controls are encapsulations of various types of legacy browser functionality:

Image THTMLFormHTML form control
Image TLinkLink control
Image TBrowserHTML document display control
Image TPluginPlugin control
Image TMapGoogle Maps control