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Elevate Software is a small software company located in North Tonawanda, New York. North Tonawanda is just south of Niagara Falls and just north of Buffalo in the western end of the state of New York. We specialize in selling royalty-free database engine products (DBISAM and ElevateDB) directly to database application developers, especially those with very high distribution requirements like those that sell packaged software solutions. However, we have recently begun to expand into the web development market with the introduction of our Elevate Web Builder product. Elevate Web Builder is an integerated development environment that allows for rapid development of web applications.

Elevate Software has a very large and loyal world-wide customer base. We do everything in our power to maintain that loyalty:

  • All of our products are designed to be simple to use, and to follow existing established standards as much as possible

  • All of our products are subjected to rigorous automated testing and quality assurance reviews for every new release or build

  • All of our product subscriptions are inexpensive, allowing continued access to new minor releases for very little cost

  • All technical support is provided directly by the product developers

  • We can provide on-site consultation anywhere in the world for a modest daily fee plus expenses

The company was started in 1998 with the introduction of the DBISAM embedded database engine product for Borland Delphi 1/2 as a BDE (Borland Database Engine) replacement for desktop databases. DBISAM's initial feature set has since been dramatically expanded, and now includes a DBISAM Database Server and cross-platform usage under both Windows and Linux.

In 2007, Elevate Software introduced a brand new database engine product called ElevateDB that was intended to take over where DBISAM had left off. ElevateDB is a complete SQL 2003-compliant relational database engine with Unicode support, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions, constraints, and replication. ElevateDB supports most development environments available today.

In late 2011, Elevate Software introduced a brand new product called Elevate Web Builder for developing web applications. Elevate Web Builder is an integrated development environment for developing web applications, and features a compiler that compiles Object Pascal source code to JavaScript, a WYSIWYG form designer, two-way tools that automatically generate source code for forms and event handlers, and an extensive runtime and component library for building beautiful and functional web applications quickly and easily.

Contact Information

The address and phone information is:

Elevate Software, Inc.
168 Christiana Street
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Phone Phone: 716-694-1578
Phone Fax: 716-694-5209

Skype Skype: elevate.software.inc

The following is a list of the email addresses at Elevate Software:

E-Mail Developer Relationsdevelopers@elevatesoft.com
E-Mail Technical Supportsupport@elevatesoft.com
E-Mail Sales and Orderingsales@elevatesoft.com
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