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Elevate Software offers online product support for customers with a corresponding active product subscription via our support forums. A 1-year subscription is included with every new product license purchase. Please see the Sales page for more information on product subscriptions.

You can use the product links in the Online Product Support section below to access the product-specific support page where you will find a link to the product's support forums.

Direct email, phone, and Skype support is available to existing customers for a small fee per support session. Please see the Direct Product Support section below for more information.

You should use the support forums for basic questions and issues. Direct product support should be used for more complicated questions and issues, or questions and issues that require the disclosure of confidential business information.

Information The online product support forums can be read by anyone that is registered as a user on the Elevate Software web site. However, you must have an active product subscription in order to post questions on the support forums. If you are evaluating a product, please use the support options listed below in the Direct Product Support section.

Online Product Support

Use the following links to access the specific online support information for a product, including information about your product subscriptions and how to purchase new product subscriptions.

ElevateDB Technical Support
Access the ElevateDB support information
DBISAM Technical Support
Access the DBISAM support information

Elevate Web Builder Technical Support
Access the Elevate Web Builder support information

Direct Product Support

Direct support is available to all customers for a fee of $19 per support session, and available for free as a courtesy to anyone evaluating one of our products. A support session is comprised of an initial point of contact via email, phone, or Skype, and any subsequent follow-up that is necessary to resolve the issue.

Email Support Email SupportYou may contact us for support via email at support@elevatesoft.com.
Phone Support Phone SupportYou may contact us for support via phone Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST at 1-716-694-1578 (Ext 2).
Skype Support Skype SupportYou may contact us for support via Skype Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST at elevate.software.inc.

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Each initial point of contact for a support session will require the following information:

  • Customer # (if a customer)

  • Company Name

  • Contact Name of Person Requesting Support

  • Description of issue/question
Information If any of this information is not provided or not correct, then we will not be able to provide any product support until the problem with the information is corrected.

At the initial point of contact, the customer contact will receive a support acknowledgement email that will include a unique support session number. This number will be required for all follow-up correspondence, and you will be required to keep all correspondence limited to the issue/request.

This initial point of contact will not be with an actual developer, but rather a customer support person. Once everything is in order and you have received a support acknowledgement, then you will be contacted by a developer to continue the support session.

You can purchase as many support sessions as you need. The support sessions are not time-limited, so they will be valid until you use them. You can view your support session purchases and usage by logging in using the Login link in the top right corner of this page, and then clicking on the Support Sessions link that will appear on the right after logging in.

Any support sessions that are the result of a product defect or bug will be credited to the customer. However, we please ask all customers that are aware of a bug up-front to use the Incident Reports links that are available from each online product support page to submit any known bugs.

Consulting Services

If you need hands-on assistance with a project, either on-site or remotely, Elevate Software can provide consulting services that can help you resolve any application design or development issue. We also provide customized training for all of our products. The consulting fees are modest and priced by the day, with a significant discount given for any remote consulting. Any on-site consulting will require that all food, lodging, and transportion expenses be covered in addition to the daily fee. For more information, please contact us at support@elevatesoft.com
Required Information Required Information

When contacting us for support, please be sure to include the following information:

Operating system being used

Development environment being used

Product and version being used

If you are experiencing an error, the complete error message