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Thread Have EDBMgr optionally output the query results to a text memo instead of a grid
Thu, Feb 21 2013 3:27 PMPermanent Link


It would be nice if there was an option to have EDBMgr send the results of a query to a text control like a memo (instead of a grid), using a fixed spaced font. I've seen this in SqlYog and it comes in very handy when I have to copy and paste a few rows of the output to another program or to an email.

You don't have to get fancy with line drawing characters, just underline the column titles like:

Customer_Name    Cust_Address
============   ===========
John Smith           123 Main Street
Bert Jones            321 Park Lane
George Johnson    12 Carl Row


The user can toggle the output that has already been generated to a grid / memo by a popup menu etc. so the user doesn't have to re-run the query.

This comes in very handy at times. Smile

Sat, Mar 16 2013 6:04 AMPermanent Link

Adam Brett

Tropical Wholefoods


I agree it would be useful to have such an option. Options for CSV, and perhaps simply formatted XML versions of data would also be possible, and you are right it would be great to see the resulting data displayed in a suitable GUI such as a memo to allow copying / pasting etc.

All these outcomes can already be achieved by using EDB's "EXPORT" SQL commands, resulting in files which can be opened elsewhere for copying ... I know this involves extra steps, but it is pretty easy to do.