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Thread Capture Image From Camera Demo
Tue, Apr 15 2014 7:21 AMPermanent Link

Chris Holland

SEC Solutions Ltd.


Team Elevate Team Elevate

Here is a small demonstration program that shows how to use EWB to
display a video source from the devices camera and capture a snapshot
image from the video.

The demo currently only works in the Chrome browser so will not run in
the EWB built in browser. To see the demonstartion running run the
project in EWB and then launch Chrome and enter
"localhost/cameratest.html" in the address bar.

If this is run on a mobile device you can choose between the front and
rear facing cameras. (Android only at the moment)

Chris Holland
[Team Elevate]

Attachments: Camera.zip
Sun, Aug 4 2019 1:29 AMPermanent Link


Comca Systems, Inc


Could you update the demo for EWB 2.

I tried to build it from your code but I get to many errors.