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Thread ChartJS and Google Graphs
Sun, Apr 19 2020 2:43 PMPermanent Link


I recently needed some charting components, so I interfaced EWB to two popular charting libraries, both Chart.JS and Google Graphs.  

Why two? So I'd have some choice!  Chart.JS produces prettier graphs, but I had trouble figuring out all the parameters, whereas Google Graphs are pretty straightforward.  The Nice library does all of the dirty work with both of them.

You can see the results of both at:

All the other Nice controls are 100% EWB, but these two controls use free JavaScript library includes.

Anyone who has an existing license for NiceControls can contact me for a free update.

As for EWB3 inquiries, I'll update the Nice library to be EWB2/3 compatible once EWB3 is stable and released, using {$IFDEF}'s to deal with the differences.   I rely on it for a number of projects myself.

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