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Thread TSignature and TNiceDataset and regarding EWB 3.0
Sat, Oct 24 2020 9:06 AMPermanent Link


I've added two new components to my Nice dataset.

TSignature lets a person enter a signature with their mouse, stylus, finger, etc.

TNiceDataseet gives some searching options so you can narrow down a dataset in realtime.

The complete demo of the Nice controls are at http://erickengelke.com/nice/samples.html

For people who have a subscription, download in the usual place.  Anyone interested in becoming a lifelong subscriber, please check out https://erickengelke.com to purchase for $50.

EWB 3 will be an exciting step forward.  Shortly after Tim releases EWB 3, I will update the Nice Controls to be compatible if they aren't already.  That will be a free upgrade.

Email me if you have any questions: erickengelke@gmail.com
Thanks for your continued interest.
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