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Thread EWB Web Server GZIP compression
Fri, Jul 1 2016 3:10 PMPermanent Link


Raul wrote:

Trinione wrote:

Two main changes are gzip_disable and, needed to add 'application/javascript'. Then all files gzipped. Without 'application/javascript' the js files were not compressing.

Good fix! Thanks for tracking this down - i'll update our config as well..

<< Is this resulting in improved performance on client side when loading EWB app now ? >>

Thus far I have only installed on my laptop where it increased the time (no surprise there). However, it certainly ought to as the transferred gzip file size is now 203Kb, down from 715Kb. Approximately 33% in size! The app.html file is also down in size to 140Kb down from 458Kb. That's about 20%.
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