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Tim Young [Elevate Software]

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<< Am I misunderstanding something? My thinking is that when I change a standard EWB component's via the Interface file and I install a future update, say EWB 2.05, and that comes with possibly new features and changes to the component which would override my changes and I may have a bunch of things to keep track of and also potential bug/issue points of my own making.

In this case, for example, if I change the TLable Interface file to Font Name = 'Roboto', when I install say EWB 2.05 and that has Font Name = 'Segio UI', then I would have to make the changes again to the file? This example is simple, but I would need to keep track of every single change I make and do it over again with each release.

I understand and appreciate the flexibility of EWB, and am just wondering if I got that right? >>

No, you don't modify the built-in interfaces *in-place*, you make copies of them and make sure that your project references their location in its compiler search paths.  That, combined with the IDE's ability to auto-load custom control interfaces for a project, will give you what you need: customized control interfaces that don't touch the default control interfaces, but are used at design-time/run-time for your project.

Yes, there is the possibility that there might be a slight change to the *design* of a control interface in the future. However, that is pretty rare once a control has been around for a month or so.  Either way, the way that control interfaces are applied means that you won't actually encounter any fatal errors from having a slightly-out-of-design customized control interface.  EWB will simply apply what it can apply, and will ignore any control interface elements that don't match up.  IOW, the worse-case scenario is that you have a slightly-wonky-looking control in your application, in which case you know that you need to fix your customized control interface.

Tim Young
Elevate Software
Tue, Jul 12 2016 12:19 PMPermanent Link


Got it. Thank you both.
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