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Thread "Nominated library edits location"
Thu, Sep 1 2016 12:01 PMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

One of the things I've done in the past is just take a copy of the
library interfaces, made that a default location in the project, and
happily edited the odd interface or two. But with 2.05 there have been
a few changes like the TDialog interface that doesn't work for resizing
with the old interface. Since I haven't changed most of the interfaces,
this is now more of a matter of deleting anything I find as a problem.

But it strikes me that what would be nice is to be able to just
nominate a directory to be the location of the customised interfaces,
and then have that empty unless I edit something. So if I go to
customise a button, the IDE automatically spots that it is going to
load the default file, and secretly copies the file to the new
location, and I actually edit that. (It might do this on save I guess,
to prevent a look making a copy). So when I come to look at things
later I can see I edited three interfaces, and have only the customised
files to consider.

I did this in a project of mine, where the user could customise reports
that were stored in the program directory, and it just saved to user
location on edit.

I realise that the multiple paths etc can complicate things, which is
why I suggest it on a project basis, and only if it finds it is the
default installed file. A project specific, or environment general file
would not do this.

Just a thought...


Matthew Jones