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Thread new book about EWB + mORMot databases
Tue, Dec 13 2016 8:32 AMPermanent Link


I’m pleased to announce my new book exclusively about mORMot and Elevate Web Builder, it is called “Enterprise Delphi Databases” and can be purchased on Amazon.  Check for free shipping available to many locations!

It describes End-to-End Object Pascal multi-tier development using mORMot for servers and clients, and using Elevate Web Builder’s Object Pascal to JavaScript to build professional Web clients.

The book was proofread by mORMot Project Manager: Arnaud Bouchez, and he also provided key suggestions for topics including Websockets.

I cover using both ORM and standard SQL with mORMot, and examples of how to use each when creating web clients.  ORM is perfect for new implementations, but mORMot’s SQL interface is great when you must interface with an existing database.

Use either Delphi Professional or the free and open source New Pascal to develop on Windows, Linux and other platforms.  Active Directory authentication and local passwords are both demonstrated.

The numerous chapters on Elevate Web Builder open new opportunities for experienced mORMot developers to quickly generate powerful and attractive web based clients.  The Web is often the best strategy for clients, and the power and features of Elevate Web Builder make it the best choice to deliver the systems of the future.  All of this is done using SOA and REST services mORMot does so well, and the Single Web Page strategy that gives Facebook, Gmail and other web applications their fast, fluid, professional look and feel.

There are about 25 pages in common with my last book, just to get mORMot people up to speed on EWB,  But the rest is all new.

Book information follows:

For more info, see http://www.erickengelke.com

Enterprise Delphi Databases
With mORMot and Elevate Web Builder
By Erick Engelke
Available on Amazon (US, UK, EU)
What makes a database Enterprise quality?  There are no hard rules, but one can assert the following are usually true
-        Scalable performance
o   Support 100 to 100,000 concurrent users
-        n-Tier database capable
-        caching used for performance improvements
-        multiplatform through SOA
-        web accessible interface
-        inherent security
o   externalized authentication (LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos, OAuth2, etc.)
o   authorization enforced based on principles of least privilege
o   auditing
o   prepared statements
In this book we introduce mORMot, a Pascal based database ecosystem including support for all popular databases (Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo and others).
mORMot databases are instantly network-ready.  Using Delphi or FreePascal you can compile clients for almost any operating system (Windows, OS/X, iOS, Android, X-Windows) which can converse with Windows or Linux servers. 
And when we add Elevate Web Builder (EWB), you can create rich, engaging Web based database applications that run on any Web client and interface with mORMot’s standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies.
Unique to this environment, mORMot and EWB present fast and reliable end-to-end Pascal solutions.
Fully enterprise-ready, you can configure your applications to use local database passwords, Active Directory or other solutions for user authentication.
In addition to describing essential mORMot and Elevate Web Builder, this book introduces an interface library that bridges the two technologies.  Call a Pascal function in the EWB code and the corresponding function is automatically called on the server, passing all parameters with ease.  mORMot and EWB automatically marshal the data to and from each other using standard JSON notation.
This  book covers all you need to know to get started, and works through more than 30 example programs and concepts from beginner through to multiplatform Web applications, PDF Report generation, HTTPS configuration and clustering.

This is Erick Engelke’s fifth book, following his popular Using Elevate Web Builder book and other books on topics of web, network and systems programming.  Several of his books are available on Amazon.
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erickengelke wrote:

>I’m pleased to announce my new book exclusively about mORMot and Elevate Web Builder, it is called “Enterprise Delphi Databases” and can be purchased on Amazon.  Check for free shipping available to many locations!

Full source code is available, with a URL listed in the book.

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Baron Software



Can you publish the table of contents ?


Richard Baroniunas
Software Developer and DBA
Wed, Dec 14 2016 10:51 PMPermanent Link


rbaroniunas wrote:
>Can you publish the table of contents ?

Hmmm, context is everything, so I've placed a list of sections and page counts at:

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Great work Erick! I shall be ordering mine soon.

Your first book is wonderful and I have been looking forward to this new book.