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Thread 'await' keyword Surfacing / Echo support
Mon, Jan 9 2017 11:23 PMPermanent Link


Tim Young [Elevate Software] wrote:
<< The problem isn't EDB and DBISAM, he problem isn't EDB and DBISAM, it's ADO database access to engines like SQL Server that don't provide proper support for echoing values from an insert ...>>

A major selling point is that EDB/DBISAM can do so much more for developers than most any other database engine.

Since the problem is not EDB/DBISAM, Echoing Transaction Commits would be an advantage to those that use EDB and DBISAM. This sort of feature that is difficult to attain elsewhere gives that added value to the engine over others. It quantifies the purchase and renewals. It allows us developers to tell a client 'You need EDB because...'

Customers should be able to enjoy these types of benefits for their choice to purchase EDB/DBISAM. Come on Tim... Drop that feature in there. Smile
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