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Thread Translation to other language
Mon, Mar 6 2017 11:13 AMPermanent Link


Hi there,
i finished my first Web Builder Project. Now i want to translate the date and time formats, also the name of the months and days and the buttons of the dialogs to german. What do i have to do? Is there a translation-resource or do i have to translate directly inside the unit WebCore?
thx and best regards
Mon, Mar 6 2017 12:05 PMPermanent Link

Uli Becker

Search for TFormatsettings in the manual. No need to hack hack the WebCore unit.
The best place to assign your values to the different FormatSetting properties is the initialization section of the main form.
What language are you looking for?

Tue, Mar 7 2017 3:59 AMPermanent Link


Tue, Mar 7 2017 6:38 AMPermanent Link

Uli Becker

> german

OK, here a procedure that does the basic settings. Call this procedure
in the Initialization section of your main form.
(I use a global unit for all my applications which contains this procedure.)

Note: StartOfWeek was added in version 2.06 which is still in beta state.

procedure SetupFormatSettings;
   with FormatSettings do
      StartOfWeek := 1;
      DateSeparator:= '.';
      ShortdateFormat := 'dd.MM.yyyy';
      ShortTimeFormat := 'HH:mm';
      LongDayNames[1] := 'Montag';
      LongDayNames[2] := 'Dienstag';
      LongDayNames[3] := 'Mittwoch';
      LongDayNames[4] := 'Donnerstag';
      LongDayNames[5] := 'Freitag';
      LongDayNames[6] := 'Samstag';
      LongDayNames[7] := 'Sonntag';

      ShortDayNames[1] := 'Mo';
      ShortDayNames[2] := 'Di';
      ShortDayNames[3] := 'Mi';
      ShortDayNames[4] := 'Do';
      ShortDayNames[5] := 'Fr';
      ShortDayNames[6] := 'Sa';
      ShortDayNames[7] := 'So';

      LongMonthNames[1] := 'Januar';
      LongMonthNames[2] := 'Februar';
      LongMonthNames[3] := 'März';
      LongMonthNames[4] := 'April';
      LongMonthNames[5] := 'Mai';
      LongMonthNames[6] := 'Juni';
      LongMonthNames[7] := 'Juli';
      LongMonthNames[8] := 'August';
      LongMonthNames[9] := 'September';
      LongMonthNames[10] := 'Oktober';
      LongMonthNames[11] := 'November';
      LongMonthNames[12] := 'Dezember';

      Translations.Values['DLG_BTN_YES'] := 'Ja';
      Translations.Values['DLG_BTN_NO'] := 'Nein';
      Translations.Values['DLG_BTN_CANCEL'] := 'Abbrechen';

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vielen Dank!!! Smile