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Thread CloseOnEscape and KeyPress methods
Sun, Mar 18 2018 1:31 PMPermanent Link

Allen Hunt

I've attached a project where the keypress functions are not working on a ShowModal TDialog that get's created at runtime.

What's strange is they do work if I drop a control (such as a TButton or TEdit) on the dialog and the control get's focus.  Dropping a control like TLabel doesn't work.

Am I'm instantiating the dialog wrong?

 popup: TFormDialogPopup;

 popup := TFormDialogPopup.Create(nil);

Best Regards,

Attachments: EWBKeypressDialog.zip
Sun, Mar 18 2018 4:35 PMPermanent Link

Walter Matte

Tactical Business Corporation

Sun, Mar 18 2018 6:48 PMPermanent Link

Allen Hunt

Thank you!