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Thread Unbound Dataset?
Tue, Oct 2 2018 10:22 PMPermanent Link

Mario Enríquez

Open Consult

Hi folks,

I'm attempting to use a TDataset to hold some temporary values and have it shown in a TGrid.

I've define the Dataset structure at design time and then use the following code to fill it with data:

  for i := 0 to TotalClasificaciones -1 do
     cl := TmdsClasificacion(glbClasificaciones.Items[i]);
     dstClasificaciones.Columns['id_clasificacion'].AsString := cl.id_clasificacion;
     dstClasificaciones.Columns['clasificacion'].AsString := cl.clasificacion;

The procedure is completed and the data get loaded, but I get an Application Error "Uncaught Error: Database commit response error", as it is trying to access and underlaying resource at the webserver that it not there. (http://localhost:80/databases?method=commit&;database=Default")

I tried looking at the obvious places (to me..) on how to disable it and have it run without errors.

Any idea on what I'm might be missing?

Tue, Oct 2 2018 10:23 PMPermanent Link

Mario Enríquez

Open Consult

I'm sorry for the double post.. Smile