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Thread Need to Hire Help to Convert EWB1 project to EWB2
Sun, Oct 7 2018 5:02 PMPermanent Link

Mic Thurber

Software for Ministry

Hi all,

I have an EWB1 project that I cannot seem to convert properly in EWB2. It's used to access an ElevateDB church database as an EWB web page sized for a smartphone. Works great in EWB1, but I am not getting EWB2.

In conversations with Tim, he thinks that for an experienced EWB user that there would not be a lot of time involved. If you are willing to consider helping me, please contact me at: mic@softwareforministry.com and I can give you more specifics so that you can give me an estimate of what fee you would need to charge.

I hope someone can help me, please!!! Thanks for your consideration.

Mic Thurber, Software for Ministry
Mon, Oct 8 2018 3:09 AMPermanent Link

Mark Brooks



Good Morning Mic

May I ask what specific areas of the migration are causing you a problem?