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Thread TPlugin's OnLoad Never Called
Tue, Dec 11 2018 11:46 PMPermanent Link

Frederick Chin

I call ShowProgress('Doing Something...') before I set the TPlugin's URL. The TPlugin's MimeType is application/pdf.

After the PDF is seen, the OnLoad event of the TPlugin, which contains a call to HideProgress, is never called and the ShowProgress remains in the display.

I inspected the Response Header for Content-Type in Chrome and it is showing application/pdf.

Why is the OnLoad event not called?

Wed, Dec 12 2018 3:28 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< Why is the OnLoad event not called? >>

It's a bug in IE, but works in Chrome/FF.  I'm going to need to look into this further because there doesn't seem to be an easy fix.

Tim Young
Elevate Software