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Thread Request image from module
Fri, Dec 27 2019 12:43 AMPermanent Link


Comca Systems, Inc

Does anyone have an example how to request an image from the web serve module and send it back to a TImage.

I have a form with a TImage and I need to display a current Image.

The database have the location of the image on the server.

like: 'C:\myimages\images.png

Can I use the same method as the PDF example and add this or do I need to use the TPlugin?

  TImage.URL := 'modules/pdfmodule?user=Demo&password=Password'+

and this in the module:

 if FileExists(TempFileName) then
                 TempFileStream:=TFileStream.Create(TempFileName,(fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyNone));
                    Request.SendCustomContentStream(TempFileStream,'application/image/png','inline; filename="'+TempRootFileName+'"');