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Thread Items Not Posted to EDB Database - Solved
Wed, Nov 10 2021 12:08 AMPermanent Link

Richard Harding

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My only EWB application installed at a customer site is operating on a network with three PCs (Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie) with the EWB Server and EDB Server installed on the PC named ServerPC.

The EWB application was initially installed in September 2016. Something happened around about  October 2019 two years ago. New stock item were not posted to the database from Lucy. There was no indication that this was happening.

Fiddler logs showed that messages were sent from the application to the server. However, the response to these messages were not received back to the application to indicate that the data had been posted which led to subsequent transactions being treated as nested transactions.

I made a change to the application so that the users were warned if this occurred. This allowed the users to refresh the application and re-enter the details if needed. Over the coming months, this become much more frequent and the system become unusable. Lucy reverted back to the Delphi PC application. Snoopy and Charlie did not experience problems.

All 4 machines had Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS installed. The OS had not been updated for years. The customer updated Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie to Windows 10.

Similarly, the ServerPC OS had not been updated for a long, long time. ServerPC remained on Windows 7 but the OS was updated to the most recent Service Pack 1.

As a result, the problem disappeared and the system has been working for many months without any problems.