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Thread TFileComboBox
Tue, Jun 21 2022 3:17 AMPermanent Link

Allen Hunt

I'm wanting a button that allows for multiple file uploads and changing the caption text.  I'm currently using a THTMLLabel with this content:

<input type="button" id="id" value="Select Image(s)" onclick="document.getElementById('file').click();"/>
<input type="file" style="display:none;" id="file" name="file" multiple accept=".png,.jpg,.jpeg,.bmp,.gif"/>  

It works but I don't know if I'm doing it right.  I don't like it because it's ugly and doesn't go well with the designer.  Is there a way to modify the TFileComboBox component to have an AllowMultiple files property and be able to change the caption text possible without showing the files selected so I can have my own component?

It would be nice if it could maybe have an OnSelected event that passed TStringList of filenames so they could be populated into a TListBox but not necessary.  Thank you!

Best regards,