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Thread Installation of EWB 3.02b7
Sun, Sep 11 2022 8:44 AMPermanent Link

Richard Harding

Wise Nutrition Coaching

The new version on EWB 3.02b7 appears to be in a state that allows me to install my application at Eyre and Smith, my one remaining customer.

Not many of the problems relating to the installation at the customer have been related to errors in my application or to my ignorance.

The weather events over the past several months over the east coast of Australia have been very traumatic with extensive flooding. I live inland in the Hunter Valley of NSW, some 50 km from the coast and have been spared the most damage.

It did not stop floods in April from destroying 25m of fencing which was sufficient for 20 cows to wander over our paddock, leaving substantial hoof prints over our sodden prropery. Cows are really partial to asparagus, avocados trees, macadamia trees, citrus and bay trees. Much the same foods that we find very exciting. They managed to strip all the ripe fruit and nuts from the trees. Also, they devoured all the vegetation that was binding the soil of the creek which was preventing further erosion. Fortuately, the rare heritage figs that were carefully propagated and the boab (bottle trees) were left unharmed.

For those interested, you can read my story by doing a google search on "richard harding nutrition about".

A couple weeks ago I was told that I was in imminent danger of “catastrophic bone marrow dysfunction” and have started a new treatment regime which has only recently been released. It is the first time for decades that the treatment for myeloma has been revised and updated. All other previous changes have been refinements of existing protcols.

There are only two people on the program in the Hunter Valley and New England health administration region.

Given that the bone marrow produces red (essential for haemoglobin production) and white blood cells (essential for immune system viability), it was a cause of great concern and was given a blood transfusion on that day. (Monday 22nd August).

This week it appears that the the program was not working as it should and have been in hospital for 2 days with another blood transfusion booked in for late Friday (9th September), although there are now indications that things are working better than expected - which is a great relief.

This is why I am so keen to get the EWB3 installation working at my one remaining customer. From the customer’s point of view, the system will work exactly the same as before. They are very happy with the current EWB2 system.