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Thread Capture OnResize event
Thu, Oct 18 2012 3:43 PMPermanent Link



I want to resize my main form to be the size of the Application.Desktop. I read that you need to trap the Desktops
OnResize event.

Could someone show me an example of how to do that?

Thu, Oct 18 2012 3:58 PMPermanent Link

Mark Brooks



Yup. Try this:

The Application object has a Desktop Object property. For this property:

Set AutoHeight to True (you can do this in Project options or via code)
Set AutoWidth to True (again via Project Options or code)
Trao the OnResize event (in code)

Your trap for the OnResize event will then be fired when the browser window size changes (hence the desktop changes) and you can adjust form size accordingly.

Hope this helps.