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Sun, Oct 28 2012 6:00 PMPermanent Link


Please disregard my previous message.

All of the sudden the Program is displaying Data. Donít have a clue what I did, but now it is working.

My Thoughts

I would like to say that this is one product I have been waiting for the longest time. I am a true Delphi User. I refuse to put my hands on any Microsoft Development product, but I always wonder "Why Not" Why not Borland before, and Embarcadero now,  hasnít come up with a product like this one, truly oriented towards the web, you develop like if you are developing an application for Windows desktop, and target the web using the best existing programing language, and not having to switch between languages.

A product like this in my humble opinion is the only thing was needed to complete the Delphi package.
Although I havenít used the trial program in full, I can see that this product promises. I have to congratulate the president in which I believe he was the inventor, and all the development team who is behaind of such of powerful IDE.



Carlos Antunez