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Thread Deployment method : FTP
Sun, Jan 13 2013 12:14 AMPermanent Link

Jeff Newlin


I'm getting an error message while running a "test connection" on Program options/Deployment. I'm pretty sure I have everything correct (tried it with 2 different ftp clients without a problem). The message is :

Error during connection Test:
System Error. Code: 12029

It  comes up pretty quickly so I doubt it's getting too the point where a user name or password is passed.

Thanks for any help!
Sun, Jan 13 2013 2:11 PMPermanent Link

Uli Becker


Error Code 12029
System error code 12029 means "The attempt to connect to the server
failed." This error code may also display as
"ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT" or as a specific value.

So it doesn't seem to connect at all.