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Thread Minor string thing
Mon, Feb 11 2013 11:16 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

I have a TMemo with some text in. One of the lines has the forward single quote
character, as it came from PowerPoint. In the IDE it looks fine. In the source, it
looks like this:

'<Choice order="4">You can enter the marked area in Figure A at a' +
'ny time, but can'#8217't do so in Figure B</Choice>'

When this is loaded into the web page, both the IDE and Chrome show it starting a
new line. When it is moved to a TLabel, Chrome shows a space before it, and the IDE
starts a new line.

This is not too significant, and I will probably modify my code to strip these, but
it may be of interest at some point for EWB to look at (certainly not before some
of the major things of course!).

/Matthew Jones/