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Thread TControl animations
Mon, Jan 20 2014 3:13 PMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

Anyone know more about the new TControl features for Dragging, Opacity, and
Animate? They sound quite handy from the change list. I shall dig up the
help tomorrow at work, but being able to animate fading in/out, moving and
expanding and contracting could be sweet if you can set a target and have
it "just happen". I also hope that the Opacity is a general thing so any
control can be at 50% opaque (or whatever). Handy for de-emphasising some
area of a form.

Matthew Jones
Tue, Jan 21 2014 2:32 PMPermanent Link

Uli Becker


you can have a look at some FadeIn and FadeOut animations here:


Just my first expermiments with animations.

Type "James Bond" in the edit-field and press ENTER. Smile

Wed, Jan 22 2014 4:23 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

Thanks - nice.

/Matthew Jones/