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Thread Remobject and EWB
Tue, Feb 21 2012 9:50 AMPermanent Link

Friedrich Westermann

Ok i must say i'm a totaly new on JS so i'm lost

i try to use the Remobject SDK with EWB but i find no way........
i have the *js from Remobjects SDK and Dataabstract but i have no Idea
how to declare thes in EWB

// Service: NewService
function NewService(__channel, __message, __service_name) {
 RemObjects.SDK.ROService.call(this, __channel, __message,
 this.fServiceName = this.fServiceName || __service_name ||

NewService.prototype.TestDataFromServer = function(
   __success, __error) {
   try {
       var msg = this.fMessage.clone();
       msg.initialize(this.fServiceName, "TestDataFromServer");
       this.fChannel.dispatch(msg, function (__message) {
      var __result = __message.read("Result", "WideString");
       }, __error);

   } catch (e) {
       __error(msg, e);

can anybody point me to the right direction?