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Thread Excelent work + really needed features
Mon, Feb 23 2015 2:04 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


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<< I was talking lookup fields like in Delphi. Ex: >>

Sorry about that, I missed the mark with my answer.  What you're needing, at
the very least, is an OnCalcFields type of situation where you can do
lookups, etc. as the row changes.  I was thinking that the OnRowChanged
event would provide that, but no, you can't modify the active row from
within that event.  Or, I should say, you *can*, but you get into a mess
really quick in terms of recursion.

<< It's possible now? or in a future release? >>

In the future, it's not supported now.

<< It's extremely important that a programmer has the tools to make apps
with separation logic from GUI. Otherwise maintenance is a real pain. That's
why Delphi has DataSource, >>

The TDataSource component is unnecessary, which is why we didn't add
something like it to EWB.  It's an unncessary layer.

<< DBConnectionUnit doesn't know nothing about BussinessLogicClassUnit,
which doesn't know nothing about FormUnit. This setup works perfect and is
simple to maintain. It's possible with EWB this setup? I don't see
DataModule unit, DataSource component, Attached property. >>

No, you can't do that type of setup with EWB.

Tim Young
Elevate Software
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