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Thread New Build Up (March 20th)
Tue, Mar 20 2012 9:58 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

I've finally got a new build done that includes the following:

- Grid editing, with support for edit, check box, and combo box controls in
the grid (both bound/unbound).  To make a grid column editable with a
specific type of control, just modify the ControlType property of the
desired grid column.  Any columns that have a ControlType of ctNone will act
they are read-only.  To put a grid into "edit" mode, just hit the Enter key
or double-click on a grid cell.  To take a grid out of "edit" mode, just hit
the Enter key. Check boxes can be selected/deselected with the Enter/Space

- Dataset editing now works, and includes transaction support (will have to
wait for the docs on this).

- There are two new controls - TLink and THTMLObject.  The TLink is exactly
what you think it is, but the THTMLObject allows you to embed any type of
object into your application, be it PDFs, other HTML pages (subject to
cross-domain security policies), audio/MP3/MP4s, video, etc.  You simply
specify the URL along with the MIME type, and then the browser will use the
MIME type to determine which plugin to use to display the object.  Be
forewarned, though - there are some "bleed-through" issues with certain
types of plugins in certain browsers, due to the fact that the plugin and/or
browser doesn't handle transparency/opaqueness properly.

- There are ShowBorder properties now for the TMemo, TGrid, and THTMLObject
controls that allow you to turn on/off their borders.

- There's a fix for small bug in the compiler for "with" statements.

My apologies for the long delay, but the main cause has been the grid
editing.  There are numerous focus issues/differences between IE and
Firefox/Chrome/Safari that caused me a lot of grief and days of "fixing it
in one browser, only to have it not work in the other" problems.  It's very
difficult to debug these types of issues in a browser, so it takes a long
time to figure out what a problem is before it can be fixed, and a lot is
just trial and error.  I also blew 3 or 4 days on trying to get SelStart,
SelLength, and SelText properties working for edit controls, only to have IE
shut that down due to lack of proper support.

If you see any problems, please let me know.  This will most likely be the
last build before the final release, but that all depends upon any serious
bugs cropping up.

Tim Young
Elevate Software