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Thread Issues with IDE
Tue, Apr 24 2012 2:51 AMPermanent Link



First let me say that EWB is a great idea and is looking pretty good so far.
Something I've been looking for and can use.

Here are some issues I've encountered with the IDE. A few are minor but I've
included them for completeness.

1. Main menu bar doesn't highlight high level items (e.g. File, Edit, View,
etc) when mousing over them and drop-down menus are active. The items do
seem to flicker however as though they are trying to highlight. The items
will highlight during mouse over if the drop-downs are not active.

2. Main menu drop-downs automatically highlight first item in list even
though mouse isn't over it.

3. Code/Form toggle icon at bottom left gets covered by tool bar when
resizing horizontally in form view but doesn't in code view. This occurs
both when resizing the IDE window or via the splitter. Would prefer to see
the code/form toggle icon at all times (and a consistent result when
resizing in either view).

4. Save All shows a previous folder for the project file when creating a new

   a. Create a new project.
   b. Save All into a new folder called "test1" (create and select folder
in save dialog).
   c. Close All.
   d. Create a new project.
   e. Save All into a new folder called "test2" (create and select folder
in save dialog). Notice that the unit file will be saved into folder "test2"
but the folder shown for the project file is "test1".

5. Component selector would benefit from being a searchable, scrollable,
categorized list (maybe below the project manager) rather than toolbar
items. This will probably be useful for when more components are available
and when user defined components can be added.

6. The IDE flickers fairly comprehensively when resizing its window. Any
chance of using double-buffering or some other technique to minimize this
effect? I realize that resizing the IDE window is not something that happens
often but when it does the flickering is pretty intense.

7. Can't delete project folder even after Close All if the folder is created
via the Save All process. Seems that the IDE holds a lock on the folder even
when switching to a new project. The folder can be deleted once the IDE is
shut down. The folder can also be deleted if another folder is created via
Save All.

8. The project file name keeps incrementing the suffix number when creating
a new project (e.g. Project1, Project2, etc.) If the project is being saved
into a new folder shouldn't the suffix remain at 1?

9. Starting the IDE automatically opens the project that was open in the IDE
when it was shut down. If the folder is deleted after shutdown then an error
is displayed at start saying the project could not be found. Perhaps an
option to prevent auto-opening of the last project would be worthwhile. May
also be useful to display the error message in the welcome page instead of a
MessageDlg at start.

10. If a window from another application is open over the IDE and the mouse
moves over an IDE element a hint is displayed which will then move over the
other application window. The hint eventually disappears but looks a bit
strange. Perhaps the hint should float over the EWB IDE window only and not
over other applications that may be above it.

11. There doesn't appear to be any main menu items to stop/start the local
web server. Only toolbar icons are available for this. Could these options
be added somewhere in the IDE's main menu hierarchy?

Thanks for your consideration.