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Thread Free a modal form.
Wed, Oct 28 2015 8:45 AMPermanent Link


Team Elevate Team Elevate

On 10/28/2015 7:13 AM, squiffy wrote:
> I seem to be doing what is suggested here, too :
> http://www.elevatesoft.com/manual?action=viewtopic&id=ewb2&topic=Creating_Showing_Forms

> What on earth could I be doing wrong?

This works fine for me - no error


Wed, Oct 28 2015 8:53 AMPermanent Link


Telemix Ltd.


>> Ronald wrote:
>> Do you use a TServerRequest in your detailform that has not finished yet?
>> I mean that the Request expects the OnComplete event, but since you have
>> freed the form it is not available any more and generates the errormessage.

My error was much more fundamental (see my post above).

Cheers for all responses. I'll bludgeon my way through this programming lark yet, you'll see.
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