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Thread Databound controls auto Enable/Disable?
Wed, Dec 16 2015 5:22 PMPermanent Link


Using the 'Databound' sample project as a reference, I would like to be able to Enable the fields for editing only when the Edit pencil icon is selected.

As it is now the fields are instantly editable and it goes into Edit mode automatically upon a field update.

QUESTION ►Is there a setting I am unaware of, or do I need to manually enable/disable the fields based on the toolbar option selected? If so, I know how to do that. Just checking before I code it to ensure I am not missing something.

It would be great to have a property or some way to have this enable/disable work with the navigator if it isn't so already.
Wed, Dec 16 2015 6:26 PMPermanent Link


Never mind. Just discovered the 'Auto Edit' property. Smile