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Mon, Jan 4 2016 8:59 AMPermanent Link


Telemix Ltd.


I think I'm on a big double bluff here.

My app is deploying as expected, but the glassfish webserver is not picking up the project1.js for some reason. Loads project1.html ok, and both files get updated in the deploy.

So my test "harness", such as it is, is the thing convincing me this isn't working, when it itself is broken.

I'll post when sorted.
I really, really hate web programming.
Tue, Jan 5 2016 12:13 PMPermanent Link


Since I have Chrome as a requirement for an in-house app, I have users issue the following Run command:

chrome --app=http://AppURLHere

I need to figure out how to create a desktop Shortcut for that next.
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