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Thread Simply brilliant
Wed, Apr 6 2016 10:08 AMPermanent Link

Matthew Jones

You may have noticed how I've been a little more active just recently,
and am pushing the boundaries of my knowledge, and picking up some
minor things in EWB. But I was just thinking how darned good EWB is for
the ability to make applications as good as any out there in the
browser, with decent type-safe compilation, complex objects, a big
library of useful tools to work with, and it just works.

Don't let my learning fool you - WebBuilder is worth a heck of a lot.
Thank you Tim for making it.


Matthew Jones
Wed, Apr 6 2016 1:45 PMPermanent Link


I second this. It's f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!
Thu, Apr 7 2016 7:59 AMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

Thanks guys ! Smile

Tim Young
Elevate Software