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The following is the list of the DBISAM support forums. Please click on the desired forum to view the messages that have been posted to that particular forum as well as post your own messages. You may also search any or all of the forums for specific keywords using the Search link below.

These support forums are used for providing online support for existing customers with an active product subscription. They are monitored by Elevate Software and customers will normally receive a reply to a post on the same day during business hours. Customers should use the support forums for basic questions and issues. More complicated issues, issues that require immediate attention, or issues that require disclosing confidential business information should be handled using direct product support. In such cases, please see the Direct Product Support section on the Technical Support page for more information.

Information If you are evaluating one of our products and require support, please see the Direct Product Support section on the Technical Support page for more information on how to contact us directly.

We ask that when posting to our support forums you observe our basic rule of avoiding personal attacks and the use of what is commonly considered "foul language" such as swearing. We reserve the right to block anyone access to our support forums that does not abide by this rule. Cross-posting questions to multiple support forums and spamming is not permitted and could also result in access to our support forums being blocked.

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Forum# PostsLast PostCreated
DBISAM Announcements
All DBISAM announcements, including new release and build notifications
51Fri, Apr 29 2016 11:12 AMTue, Feb 16 2010 5:49 PM
DBISAM General
General support questions about DBISAM
13728Wed, Jan 31 2024 4:58 PMMon, Oct 2 2000 1:10 AM
Support questions about any DBISAM SQL issues
4679Sat, Dec 9 2023 6:25 AMMon, Oct 2 2000 1:10 AM
DBISAM Client/Server
Support questions about the DBISAM Database Server, or using remote sessions with the DBISAM Database Server
3403Sun, Feb 26 2023 4:56 PMMon, Oct 8 2001 9:10 AM
DBISAM support questions about the DBISAM ODBC Driver
967Thu, Jul 7 2022 11:51 AMSun, Jul 7 2002 5:01 PM
DBISAM Public Beta Tests
Support questions about any DBISAM public beta tests
9Thu, May 20 2010 12:27 PMMon, Oct 2 2000 1:10 AM
DBISAM Binaries
All DBISAM support binary attachments
595Tue, Nov 10 2015 7:49 AMTue, Nov 20 2001 12:16 PM
DBISAM Enhancement Requests and Suggestions
Enhancement requests and suggestions for DBISAM
1213Mon, May 21 2018 11:22 AMWed, Jun 13 2001 10:57 PM
DBISAM Third Party Announcements
Announcements for third party products that work with DBISAM
252Wed, Jan 7 2015 10:34 PMWed, Jun 13 2001 10:58 PM
DBISAM General Discussion
General discussion
4076Wed, Jun 3 2020 5:10 AMMon, Oct 2 2000 1:10 AM