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ElevateDB PHP PromotionFor a limited time, we are offering the new ElevateDB PHP Extension completely free of charge !

Yes, you read that right, you can order the ElevateDB PHP Extension right now for free. The ElevateDB PHP extension will allow you to easily deploy ElevateDB databases to any web site running on a server using the the Windows operating system. The API includes over 80 connection, command, cursor, and error handling functions that are easy to use and allow for the ultimate flexibility in database-driven web application development. You can use direct navigational table access, SQL access, or a mix of both, so you use the access model that you're most comfortable with, not the model that is forced on you by the database vendor.

Simple Deployment and Automatically Multi-User

The ElevateDB PHP Extension is a native 32-bit Windows DLL that is only ~2MB in size, and can be deployed on any web server by simply copying the DLL to the proper PHP extension folder and updating the php.ini configuration file. Plus, ElevateDB automatically supports multi-threaded, multi-user usage and does not require the ElevateDB Server in order to be used in this manner.

ElevateDB automatically creates all necessary files when they are needed. For example, you can distribute a single database catalog file with your application, and ElevateDB will automatically create the the table files as they are opened by sessions. In addition, ElevateDB provides reverse-engineering facilities that allow you to easily create creation and upgrade SQL scripts that can be run during installation to transparently create any necessary system or database objects.

Once installed, ElevateDB is not fragile and cannot be made inoperable by another application's installation process. Many database engines are extremely sensitive to configuration changes and require constant attention by an administrator.

Reliable Performance

ElevateDB has been used in retail POS, hospital management, physican and dentist practice management, pharmacy management, government and public court system management, and web applications, just to name a few. These applications require constant up-time and consistent performance in order for the application vendor to be successful. ElevateDB can help bring the same type of success to your database-driven PHP web applications.

Learn more about ElevateDB for PHP and order your free copy.

Click on the following link to learn more about on the ElevateDB PHP extension and order your free copy. When ordering, you will be asked for your basic customer information, but you will not be asked for any payment information. Also, please make sure that you order the ElevateDB PHP Standard product, which is the only product that includes the free-of-charge promotional price.

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