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ElevateDBIf you are a PHP developer that is writing a new database-enabled web application or rewriting and updating an existing database-enabled web application, then the ElevateDB PHP Extension is the ideal embedded solution:

Check Adaptable Architecture
Whether single-user, multi-user, or client-server, the ElevateDB PHP Extension can support the architecture that you need with minimal changes to your application.

Check Built for the Future
ElevateDB is ANSI/ISO SQL-2003 compliant and includes complete Unicode support.

Check Cost-Effective
All ElevateDB products include royalty-free distribution and a free one year product subscription, with prices starting at $299 and complete source code available for an additional charge.

Check Small and Compact
The ElevateDB PHP Extension is contained within a single DLL that is ~2MB in size, and the ElevateDB Server is contained within a single EXE that is ~2MB in size.

Check Solid and Reliable
All ElevateDB products are thoroughly tested with feature and regression tests in our automated test framework.

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Standardized Access Complete API

The ElevateDB PHP Extension provides a complete call-level api, including connections, commands, cursors, SQL statement and script execution, direct table access, and procedure and function execution. There are over 80 functions in the ElevateDB PHP extension.

Seamless Integration Seamless Integration

The ElevateDB PHP Extension is easily installed and used in the PHP environment like any other PHP database extension. The extension talks directly to the database engine that is completely compiled into the single extension DLL. There are no extra layers or loads of DLLs that need to be shipped with your application.