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Elevate Web BuilderDo you need your application to be web accessible, but don't want to have to deal with hand-coding the scripts and markup ?

Elevate Web Builder is a 100% visual rapid application development tool for client-side web applications. It is simple and easy to create full interactive web applications by simply dragging and dropping components on to forms, and then changing their appearance and behaviors as desired.

There is absolutely no need to learn JavaScript in order to use Elevate Web Builder. The product uses a compiler to compile standard Object Pascal source code into JavaScript, emitting all necessary scripts, loader markup, images, and style sheets, and then quickly and easily deploying your application to the destination of your choosing. This means that you can continue to leverage existing language skills and take advantage of the many optimizations that the compiler can provide compared to hand-coded JavaScript solutions. The compiler provides many features that are present in Object Pascal, but not explicitly supported in JavaScript, such as formal inheritance with virtual methods/overrides, constructors and destructors, object scopes (private, protected, public), unit interface and implementation scope, and proper method pointer scope for event handlers, to name just a few.

Do you dread having to target multiple browsers and ensure that they all look and function the same ?

Web applications built with Elevate Web Builder always look and behave exactly the same way, regardless of whether they are running in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari. Elevate Web Builder includes full theming support and all visual controls are themed and appear exactly the same, down to the pixel, on any modern web browser. Themes can be switched at runtime, allowing you to tailor the interface of the application to the type of client operating system in use, whether it be a cell phone or a desktop PC.

Do you want to develop web applications in the same manner as desktop applications ?

Elevate Web Builder brings the desktop integrated development environment that we are all familiar with to web applications. All requests to the web server are made dynamically, and you can completely control how the entire application responds to keystrokes, mouse clicks, errors, and much more. Complete source code is provided for the entire framework used in the product, so you are always free to customize or improve upon existing controls and functionality. In addition, you always have complete access to all of the underlying web browser functionality that the framework relies upon.

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