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Thread A Quick Note on XE8 Support and Other Things
Mon, Apr 20 2015 4:27 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

I just wanted to drop in and say a few things:

- XE8 support is coming soon, probably this week or next.

- If you have a support issue (not a question, such as "How do I....?") for
EDB or DBISAM, *please contact us at support@elevatesoft.com directly*.  As
great as the peer help is here, it's not fair to those helping out since
they're providing their time free-of-charge.  I consistently see issues
being posted here from customers that I know have a number of grandfathered
support sessions.  If you have support sessions, please use them.  If you
don't, then I don't think that $19 for a support session is going to be a
burden for most developers.

To find out if you have support sessions available, please visit this area
of the web site:


(you must be logged in)

If you're unsure about whether to contact us directly or not, go ahead and
contact us directly and simply *ask* if the issue is appropriate for the
support forums, or whether it is something that requires a support session.

- I know that I've been scarce around here, and that EDB/DBISAM haven't been
getting much attention over the past year.  This is, unfortunately, the case
when I'm heavy in development on a different product (EWB 2).  Due to the
fact that we're short on developers here, major product revisions have to be
done in a serial fashion, so while I'm working on a new EDB revision, EWB
won't be seeing many major improvements, or vice-versa.  I know that it must
be frustrating to see so much attention given to EWB when you're not an EWB
user, but EWB is an important part of our future since it has the potential
to make the company much stronger.  So, indirectly, this type of development
means more resources for adding improvements to the other products.  Be sure
to check out EWB 2 when it's released next week.  It's pretty cool and works
well with both EDB and DBISAM.

EDB 2.x is finally going to see some major improvements coming up in early
summer.  Most notably, Mac support, nested transactions, and a web
administration interface.  I've also started work on a profiler/tracing
layer for the EDB Server, which is really cool because you can see
everything that goes on in the EDB Server, including how long it takes to
execute every SQL statement, etc.

EDB 3, while it's been stalled for a while, is still on the map.  It will be
a departure from EDB 2.x in several ways, though, which is why a) it's been
stalled and b) I'll be doing a round of improvements (noted above) before
continuing on with EDB 3 this summer.

DBISAM has been in "legacy" mode for some time now.  We'll continue to
release new updates for new Delphi compilers, and try adding little
improvements where they can be added.  Internally, we still use DBISAM and
now have it replicating data back and forth between here and our Chicago web
server.  If you're interested in this type of functionality for DBISAM, let
me know and I'll consider publishing it as part of the product.  It's
completely fail-safe, and maintains transaction boundaries while

- I cannot stress enough how important it is to us that everyone has been
keeping up with their subscriptions.  It is not only greatly appreciated, it
is *vital* to keeping revenue coming in.  If you haven't renewed your
product subscription lately, then please re-consider doing so.  If you have
an issue with your subscription, then please let us know and we'll be happy
to help you out in any way that we can.


Tim Young
Elevate Software
Thu, May 14 2015 2:33 AMPermanent Link

Danie van Eeden

The replication feature of DBISAM sound interesting. Would it be possible to provide documentation?
Also yes, any such feature may be very useful for products currently on DBISAM.

Mon, Jun 22 2015 7:28 PMPermanent Link

Adam H.

On 14/05/2015 4:33 PM, Danie van Eeden wrote:
> The replication feature of DBISAM sound interesting. Would it be possible to provide documentation?
> Also yes, any such feature may be very useful for products currently on DBISAM.

+ 1 on that for me.

Also glad to hear that your still open to improving DBISAM. I for one
really appreciate that even though EDB is the main focus, and DBISAM is
more in legacy mode, it hasn't been shelved completely!

We have many large legacy programs that's not possible to migrate to EDB
that we highly depend on DBISAM to continue through - so it's very
comforting to hear.

Thanks again for your hard work Tim!