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Thread Help with Windows Eventvwr and looking at DBISAM records
Mon, Jul 1 2013 1:50 AMPermanent Link

Adam H.


I was just wondering if anyone can help me out trying to get a filter to
work in the Windows Event Viewer so I only see references to DBISAM.

I've tried going in to the eventvwr and customising the XML filter with
the following, but it returns 0 records, when I can see as clear as day
one record already in the eventviewer containing the reference DBISAM:

  <Query Id="0" Path="System">
    <Select Path="System">
*[EventData[Data and (Data='DBISAM')]]  </Select>

Thanks & Regards

Sun, Jul 7 2013 10:03 PMPermanent Link

Adam H.

I think I've managed to work it out:

  <Query Id="0" Path="System">
    <Select Path="System">*[EventData[Data[@Name='param1'] and
(Data='DBISAM Database Server - DBSRVR (Service)')]]</Select>
Mon, Jul 8 2013 3:07 PMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< I think I've managed to work it out: >>

Cool, thanks for the update.

Tim Young
Elevate Software