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Thread List Index out of bounds - DBISAM 4.24
Thu, Jul 3 2014 4:28 PMPermanent Link

Frank Bravenboer

Hi There

One of our Multi-Threaded applications (8 threads) are sporadically getting "List index out of bounds" error.
Each Thread has it own Session&Database component.

I was reading the support forum and came across the following reply you gave regarding multi threaded apps.


You need to set the SessionName *before* the DatabaseName for the
TDBISAMDatabase and TDBISAMQuery components.  If you don't, then they will
try to use the same global default session for finding the database and
accessing it.

Currently we create and assign our table/queries/dbs as follows
 With dataset do
       databasename:= FDB.DatabaseName;
       SessionName := FDB.SessionName;

 with DB do
   if AConnectType = ctBackOffice then    begin
     DBName := 'DATAServer';
     DatabaseName := 'DBBackOffice'+ASuffix;
     DBName := 'DATA';
     DatabaseName:= 'DBLocal'+ASuffix;

   SessionName := ASes.SessionName;

Could this be the cause of the error?
Could this also cause a DBISAM Engine Error # 11010 Table or backup file '' does not exist errors in the TDataDirectory.CloseDataTable procedure?