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Thread DBISAM Error 11310 - No fields specified for export data
Tue, Oct 7 2014 1:45 AMPermanent Link

Adam H.


I'm getting an error message that I'm not sure what the cause is

The script is simply:

Q1.ExportTable(filename,  #44, true);

Q1 being a TDBISamQuery.

The error is occurring in XE2 - using DBISAM 4.39b2

It only occurs when running client/server mode - not when running stLocal.

The database has it's own signature (which I forever regret doing, but
can't undo Smiley and also has it's own table name extensions. Although I
can't see anything there that might be the case - but it's the only
thing different I can see.

Can anyone suggest where I should look to find the cause of this error.

It seems to behave OK in Delphi2007 - just not with applications
compiled in XE2.

Thanks & Regards

Wed, Oct 15 2014 6:12 PMPermanent Link

Adam H.

As a follow up - Tim's onto this and there should be a fix for it in the
next DBISAM release.