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Thread Newer release of dbisam connecting to older version server
Wed, Nov 28 2018 1:04 PMPermanent Link


I have an older version of Dbisam 4.25 running as client/server and the client is reluctant to upgrade to the latest release due to software validation restrictions and them not having time to do their checks.

This system has a web app that the client wants updated to use TLS rather than SSL.  This webapp was written in IntraWeb 9 and there is no option to change to TLS in this version.  So this means upgrading Intraweb to the latest release and upgrading Delphi to 10.3 at the same time.  No other changes will be made to the code.

My question is, if I recompile the web app with a  newer version of Intraweb, I have to also install a newer release of Dbisam as there is no version of 4.25 that works with the newer version of Delphi.  However, as this is client/server, will there be any issues with the breaking changes that were put in on later releases or will this work fine because the server is still 4.25 and is an acceptable solution until I can convince the client to upgrade Dbisam to the newer release as well.

My understanding is this is the case, but just wanted to confirm I am correct in this thinking.