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Thread Best Approach for connecting different databases
Sat, Jun 16 2007 11:02 AMPermanent Link

Paul Baumann
i wanna buld an application for finding an eleminating duplicate (fuzzy search) records, like it can be
in adress databases. this should support as much file formats/databases as possible. but i think target
group will be the desktop user, not the oracle database administrator. but i dont know cause - in newer
times i am often asked about ms-sql support or mysql in my apps. (no need for levate to hassle, i stay true to my beloved DBISAM)

my first idea was to work with odbc, but for me seems this to be to much complicated for most users.
the question is: do they have a odbc driver for their database and will this driver support all the
features i need for my job. you know, some cant read booleans or not more than 100 chars of a blob or
what else.

my second idea was to work with the jet engine (DAO). But i hvae no experineces with that. So i dont know if it is stable, are there release
conflicts or what ever. How much diffculties for endusers to choose the right setup. You
know - is there is something that does not work, it is always the fault of your programm.

At least i thought about importing the data,  
working internally with DBISAM and then export again. But this has to 2 disadvantages: not much formats are supported for import and the action
is not done on the source, so the user has to
import the "cleaned" data again in his application. Perhabs he isnt able to that.
I know in most circustances it is not the best way to work on source file. But this programmers know, endusers not. And my maxime is the user is
always right. (not in all cases)

what do you think is the best way?

thank you and greetings from germany  
Tue, Jun 19 2007 8:10 AMPermanent Link

Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com


<< what do you think is the best way? >>

IMO, the best way to handle this would be via ODBC or ADO.   That's about
the most reliable way to get at multiple databases via a Win32 application.
Most ODBC drivers are pretty mature at this point, and so they'll be the
most reliable (hopefully Smiley.

Tim Young
Elevate Software