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Thread Ok Tosh get a Toshiba
Sat, Dec 29 2007 6:17 AMPermanent Link

You will even find the restore disk will not
repair your system if its not as shipped.
I hear a company near me sells a laptop
without an OS I will go and investigate,
if BillG finds out he will buy them out.
Hey thats a cool idea to make a ton of dosh
buy a store opposite the Redmond camp
selling Linux boxes and see how much he pays
you to go away. Wink

"Roy Lambert" <roy.lambert@skynet.co.uk> wrote in message
> Used to be my first action on getting a new PC - format and reinstall the
> OS. Its "slightly" more difficult these days since you tend not to get the
> OS disk. I've even had one where the "emergency restore" disk puts all the
> crap back.
> Roy Lambert

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